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- Drawn With Processing -

a sequence of one-click black and white drawings created using the Processing sketching software


100 line drawings made using omde, python and pil hosted on flickr
(if you're here for the pickled radish recipe - see below)

Updated October 2010

kingston growing club 2010.

-- a bright clearing in the dark wood --

KGC blackboard image.
Kingston Growing Club
is an artist-led project
to garden the outdoor spaces and to preserve the Burwell Oaks at The Hull Boat House in Oak Road Park, Kingston upon Hull. The club meets every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm until dusk. It depends solely on voluntary contributions and pocket money to fund its activities. The aim is to develop the site along broadly permacultural principles growing plants for a range of social, cultural and recreational purposes including tea-making, brewing, barbecuing, cooking, scent, colour and floral decoration. The club also exists to provide support to artists, performers, musicians, etc interested in using the gardens to make and show work. We are busy creating a series of spaces appropriate for intimate performance, durational work etc and would very much like to hear from people interested in getting involved with this either as gardeners or performers. We also enjoy the company of people who just call in for a chat (just don't expect us to hang about for long when we've got lots to do !)

For more information about the Hull Boat House, check out Blogspot (not updated since September 2009) or Facebook (currently quite active).

Updated April 2010.

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some things that should be links, aren't.

modulating line drawings.

100 line drawings made using omde, python and pil hosted on flickr.

black and white. moddraw_code.zip contains the python files for generating the images if you'd like to have a go. if you can get python, pil and omde running, you can do the rest without any help from me. also contains three very short utility scripts for running all the moddraw scripts, creating thumbnails, and an index.html file from the contents of a directory. and then i remembered flickr.


keykit is a midi composition and performance environment created by Tim Thomson. it has a simple graphics capability which i use to create performance interfaces.

screenshots (.jpg)

files (.zip)




the files are keykit (.k and .kp) files, you'll have to find out something about how keykit works in order to install and use them. the only one available at the moment is PERAMBULATOR which was put together for a New Work Yorkshire Perambulator event in Sheffield in 2007. install instructions are in the INSTALL.txt file in the zip file.

performing with an interactive whiteboard.

- playing the loop in any order -
multimedia performance stuff

interesting tools for drawing with:

image magick.





processing. (Java)

vvvv. (MSWin)

pixelshox. (Mac)

python imaging library




electronic music files currently available here -

currently have some files available on myspace - 10 tracks under the name "simple tuning"  - created using python scripts to generate the scores and csound to generate the audio.

these are realisations of midi files i improvised over the last few years.
the midi files were all created using WBL4014 - a "musical composition tool based around a pattern based sequencing model" for the Mac Classic and then realised using SynthFont on MSWindows and a variety of samples, soundfonts, VST instruments and effects from around the web.
final audio file tweaks and conversion to mp3 files was done with Audacity - the free, cross-platform sound editor.

(08:36)    (7.88MB)    streaming

(16:24)    (15.02MB)    streaming

(19.12)    (17.58MB)    streaming

(04.42)    (04.32MB)    streaming

(08.59)    (08.23MB)    streaming

(03.19)    (03.05MB)    streaming

interesting tools for making music:







pure data.

algorithmic composer's toolbox. (Mac)


i also tend an allotment here in the East Riding as well as being involved with the gardening at the hullboathouse - currently an informal venue for arts, media and cultural production and a space that would make a very nice english herbal tea garden and botanic brewery. sponsors welcome.

recipes, pickles, teas and wines.

Pickled Radish Pods.

this year has been a good one for radishes running to seed. for me anyway. pick a pile of crunchy to the bite radish pods. soak in well-salted water over night. rinse off the salty water. put in a jar. top up jar with vinegar. re-attach jar lid. i assume you remembered to open the jar first.

this was a recipe that i adapted from a pickled onion recipe. Paul, a friend of mine, was overjoyed to find a similar recipe in Eliza Smith's "The Household Companion" (originally published 1758).

pickling spices can be added to taste - a lump of ginger and one of garlic - a few coriander, pepper and mustard seeds.

interesting tools for analog and digital gardeners:

the home of the crome - the tool for successful no-digging gardening.

seeds & seed-saving.

organic gardening.


maude grieve's herbal.

algorithmic beauty of plants.

computational beauty of nature.

"One trick is to concentrate on the present moment - all the time - letting go of any thoughts that come up. This kind of 'meme-weeding' requires a great concentration but is most interesting in its effect. If you can concentrate for a few minutes at a time, you will begin to see that in any moment there is no observing self. Suppose you sit and look out of the window. Ideas will come up but these are all past- and future-oriented; so let them go, come back to the present. Just notice what is happening. The mind leaps to label objects with words, but these words take time and are not really in the present. So let them go too. With a lot of practice the world looks different; the idea of a series of events gives way to nothing but change, and the idea of a self who is viewing the scene seems to fall away.

Another way is to pay attention to everything equally. This is an odd practice because things begin to lose their 'thingness' and become just changes. Also, it throws up the question of who is paying attention. What becomes obvious, in doing this task, is that attention is always being manipulated by things outside yourself rather than controlled by you. The longer you can sit still and attend to everything, the more obvious it becomes that attention is dragged away by sounds, movements, and most of all thoughts that seem to come from nowhere. These are the memes fighting it out to grab the information-processing resources of the brain they might use for their propagation. Things that worry you, opinions that you hold, things you want to say to someone, or wish you hadn't - these all come and grab the attention. The practice of paying equal attention to everything disarms them and makes it obvious that you never did control the attention; it controlled - and created - you.

These kinds of practices begin to wear away at the false self. In the present moment, attending equally to everything, there is no distinction between myself and the things happening. It is only when 'I' want something, respond to something, believe something, decide to do something, that 'I' suddenly appear. This can be seen directly through experience with enough practice at just being. This insight is perfectly compatible with memetics."

'The Meme Machine' Susan Blackmore. 1999.

A Prayerful Response To Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion."

"God !" is a false god -

as exclamation

or punctuation -
as expression

or nature -
as anything - all -


the Word is :

"love god"

love the word -

but not it's use -

meaning is use -

god transcends meaning -

" " " " " "

- cannot be used -

a negative theology -

a positive science of prayer -
as experiment -

as experience -
as reason -

that grows !

in ways that show :

through genetic trial and error
& cellular symbiosis -

that strange thing

that knowledge does.

The East Riding Institute of Creation Research.

"ERICr is an imaginary organisation committed to the exploration of the role of the imagination within the realm of the everyday."

interesting tools for praying with:

Cloud of Unknowing
Yorkshire's Hermits (PDF).

John Bunyan Prays.
George Fox Remembers.
Leo Tolstoy Confesses.

Bhagavad Gita.
Tao Te Ching.
Hui Neng.
Angelus Silesius.

"Not I, but the Christ within me."


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